sound mastering for all pictures
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FOR WHOM? addresses the needs of a wide range of sound crafters.

Composers understand the principle of “mastering” but can for example benefit from’s ability to convert from stereo to 5.1 surround sound. Mixing used for a CD is inadequate for a film or TV. There are a few traps to be avoided.

The post-production sound studio that does not want their "A" studio or their star engineer to render a derivative version to the final mix (LtRt, 5,1, film, TV, web, DVD, dialnorm, etc.)

The video editor who must do the mixing himself but finds he is falling short when faced with the new norms and hence would like it very much if somebody could do what we call “color correction for sound”.

The advertisers who want the impact of the sound in their message to be equally as effective when applied to multi-platforms as it is within the traditional media.

The director who's working on his demo reel, on an alternate cut.

The producer who's re-mastering his catalogue, or wants to put it on the web.


You get us your sound mix accompanied by your specifications and will return it to you within specs and recommendations. It couldn’t be simpler. Within a few clicks your product conforms to the new norms within the industry. your offsite color correction for sound (back)