sound mastering for all pictures
documentaries • films • commercials • tv series • web

In these times of complex requirements and new regulations, thrives to maximise the impact of sound in a world dominated by images.

Like the final touch to a perfect shine, this “mastering” makes all the difference between a good sounding mix and a professional sounding mix all the while conforming to the standards of the various broadcasters.

Strictly speaking, contrary to a typical mix, this new stage of “mastering” is inserted at the very end directly to the final mix file. offers a labour of love, a passionate, one might say obsessive, tweaking of details, an intensive attention to every single kernel of sound. Most lack the correct listening environment (THX equipped in an ITU 5.1 calibrated room), the specialised plugins, the expertise or even the interest but I assure you that once your sound has passed through the capable hands of, your mix will stimulate interest you never imagined possible. Spectators do not need to know why they are being blown away; only that they are!

Besides conforming your mix to broadcast standards, offers the following supplementary services:

  • Unwrap (takes a stereo mix and renders it in 5.1 surround sound);
  • Re-conforming from stems to an alternative picture cut;
  • Uniform all levels and problematic frequencies;
  • Manually eliminate clicks, pops and sibilance along with any other related needs. your offsite color correction for sound (more)