Post production:

  • Surround output from stereo mixes (un-wrap),
  • Award nominated re-recording in all formats,
  • Downmixing to international broadcast standards,
  • Dialog evaluation, ADR recording and re-sync, 
  • Inspired full foley services,
  • NTSC and PAL compatible,
  • Creative sound editing & design,
  • Descriptive video voice recording and editing,
  • Conform (DAT, Hard Drive, etc.) from EDL or OMFi,
  • Re-conforming from stems to alternate picture cut.


Music for picture:

  • Up to 7.1 mastering (PCM, AC3, DVD-A),
  • Location 7.1 recording, editing and mixing,
  • Quality multi format stems music mixing sync to picture,
  • Music production design.



  • ProTools HD,
  • Apple MacPro (24 core, 64Gig of RAM),
  • THX approved loudspaker system,
  • Virtual monitor control system,
  • Multiple Dorrough loudness meters,
  • Film, Television and music calibrated control room.



Efficient post-production sound supervision services,

On site multimedia non-linear automated mixing,

Post production consultant, lecturer and academic specialist.